We have a team of highly qualified instructors.

They are proudly led by owner and head instructor Mr. Louie Sanchez, 6th Dan with over 30 years of Taekwon do experience.

Mr. L.Sanchez

Chief Instructor / Founder and Owner

Louie Sanchez, 6th Dan, owner and chief instructor of Horizon Taekwon Do.

Louie Sanchez, 7th Dan, owner and chief instructor of Horizon TKD started his training in TKD in the mid-1980s in Rexdale, Ontario.

He earned his 1st degree black belt from Grand Master Park Jong Soo in 1991 (one of the original ITF instructors taught by the founder of TKD, General Choi Hong Hi).

In 2001 Louie Sanchez attended the last course taught by the founder of TKD General Choi Hong Hi in Canada before he passed away the following year.

In 2004 Louie Sanchez earned his 4th degree black belt from ITF President Choi Jung Hwa (the son of the founder of TKD).   This certified him as an International Taekwon-do instructor.

In 2011 Mr. Sanchez earned his 6th degree black belt, once again from ITF President Choi Jung Hwa.

Mr. Louie Sanchez has attended several International Instructor’s courses conducted by the son of the founder of TKD, President Choi Jung Hwa.

In 2013 Mr. Sanchez became a certified International Class “A” umpire under the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

In 2004 two black belt students representing Horizon TKD and Canada competed in the World TKD Championship in Korea, bringing back a gold medal.

In 2012 two students from Horizon TKD competed in World TKD Championship in Ottawa, Canada, bringing back a gold medal for Canada and Horizon TKD.

In 2014 two Horizon TKD black belts represented Canada and competed in Italy in the World TKD Championship and our club bringing back 5 medals.

In 2016 Mr. Sanchez coached and traveled to Brighton, England with seven students from Horizon TKD, to compete in the World TKD Championship. With over 40 countries and over 1000 black belt competitors, our students proudly brought back 18 medals for Canada and Horizon TKD.

After 15 years of competing in many National and Provincial TKD tournaments and teaching students, in 2001 he decided to open his own club in Oakville, ON.

In 2016 Horizon TKD has proudly celebrated its 15 year anniversary. Lead by owner and Chief instructor Mr. Louie Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez is honored and proud to coach students of every age and every ability; from his beginner white belt students to his World Champion black belt athletes.